8-12 years – Pt Chevalier


Ballet – Grades

The beauty and grace of ballet starts here, transitioning from Primary to Grade 1. Watch your child dance through the Grades and learn all there is about ballet. These classes teach ballet technique, history, musicality, performance, French vocabulary and so much more. The Royal Academy of Dance carries students from the beginning to the beauty with their graded syllabus.
Grade 1 – Turning 8 years old
Grade 2 – Turning 9 years old
Grade 3 – Turning 10 years old
Grade 4 – Turning 11 years old
Grade 5 – Turning 12 years old


For dancers who are wanting to have fun and dance to the latest pop music, Jazz is the class to take. Introductory levels of the American Jazz Dance Association teach every dancer what they need to know. Examinations (optional) are available once a year.

Hip Hop

This open class (no examinations) is perfect for every hip-hop dancer. Dance to your favourite Hip Hop music, learn and develop you hip-hop styles AND participate in both or yearly shows!


Contemporary dance is a genre which combines fluidity, strength, floor work, and lifts. A great class available for students aged 11 and over.


A class for developing strength, fitness and flexibility. This is open to all students aged 7 and up.


An acrobatics class with a dance theme. This class is for those who want to learn tricks and skills not taught in a traditional dance class. For example: Cartwheels, walkovers, handstands and more.