3-5 years – Papakura



Watch your budding ballerina leap, twirl and laugh in our gem classes. These classes teach the beginning of dance movement in fun and encouraging environments.

Diamond – 3 years old
Ruby – 4 years old
Emerald – 5 years old



With fun and excitement, your young jazz dancer will thrive in the strong and dynamic jazz style. Dancing to new and classic pop songs we all love. These classes introduce the energetic technique of jazz dance.

From 5 years old.

Hip Hop

Funky, stylish and energetic, your new Hip Hop dancer will love our fun classes. Teaching the ever-changing styles of Hip Hop, your dancer will love the variety and energy of this class.

Pre-Primer Hip Hop – 4-5 years


For dancers aged 4.5 years and up.
These classes introduce the fantastic energy and styles of Tap.