FAQ – Te Atatu

What can I expect when I arrive?
First time dancer?
What can I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive at GSDA there will be classes running and teachers and students all around you. When it is time for your class the teacher will come out to meet you and the new dancer. They will then be invited in to participate in their first dance class.

We encourage parents to stay in the foyer so the children can fully focus on their new teacher. The doors to the studios are glass so you will be able to see everything that is going on. If your child is a bit nervous that is completely normal and parents are welcome to come in and be with them for as long as is required.

After the class the teacher will come and speak with you briefly about how they went and if that is the most appropriate class. If not, they will be able to recommend a more appropriate class.

First time dancer?

Everyone is a first time dancer at some point and even though it can seem daunting we are here to help. 

Step 1: Contact us

We would like to find out a bit more information so we can discover which class(es) will suit the best. We will chat about your likes/ dislikes and if there is anything in particular you would like to do.

Step 2: Book your no-obligation free trial class for any or all genres.

This trial will give you the opportunity to experience what we have to offer. We will let you know when the class is on, who the teacher is and what to wear (something confrotable that you can easily move in).​

Step 3: After the trial we can discuss how much you loved the class (we bet you will) and from there you can enrol online. ​

That’s it.