5-7 years – Papakura



A wonderful transition into the beginning of ballet technique and movement. The Pre-Primary and Primary classes will teach your child to thrive in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (RAD). The first opportunity to participate in presentation awards (introduction to examinations), these classes are the perfect option for every budding ballerina.

Pre-Primary – 5-6 years
Primary – 6-7 years


Watch your child go from strength to strength under the NZAMD syllabus. A fantastic syllabus which teaches all the basics of Jazz dance. The first opportunity for them to participate in examinations, a great way to watch their progress. These classes are perfect for developing the young jazz dancer to greater heights.

Introductory 1 – 5-6 years
Introductory 2 – 6-7 years

Hip Hop

Funky, stylish and energetic, your new Hip Hop dancer will love our fun classes. Teaching the ever-changing styles of Hip Hop, your dancer will love the variety and energy of this class.

Primer Hip Hop – 6-7 years
Junior Hip Hop – 8-9 years


For the dancer that just wants to groove.
These classes are for any student keen to have a lot of fun and learn the varying genres of Tap.



An acrobatics class with a dance theme. This class is for those who want to learn tricks and skills not taught in a traditional dance class. For example: Cartwheels, walkovers, handstands and more.

From 7 years